What is The 90?

The 90 is a new business coaching programme launching this year. Essentially it's 90 days of business coaching with me, for JUST £297 to kick start your business growth & development in 2019.

90 days of 1:1 business coaching and support with me

We'll sit down face to face (or via Skype) & work together ON your business.

I'll support you to get clarity on your business goals, focus & actions

I'll provide accountability to help you take action easier

We'll design a strategy to help you drive your business forward quickly

We'll introduce tools to help you boost productivity, reduce the overwhelm & get more done

We'll look at finances, cashflow & profits

Whatever your business challenges are right now, we'll tackle them together over the next 3 months.

All for just £99/month!

Why Join?


Having experienced the power of coaching myself, & seeing the transformations my clients, I passionately believe that EVERYONE should have a coach. That's why I've created The 90 - A powerful 90 day programme to make coaching accessible to everyone.


I've been running & growing businesses for the past 15 years, and my single BIGGEST REGRET, is that I didn't get coaching earlier on in my business journey. I first experienced coaching as part of a mastermind programme when I was 22, and it TRANSFORMED what I was doing, and helped me achieve goals I never would have alone. By then I'd already been in business 5 years & I can only imagine how much further along I'd have been if I'd started with a coach from those early days. 

But having been there, I understand what it's like when you're trying to grow a business in those first few years - cashflow's tight, you're reinvesting almost everything you earn & you're working really hard. The thought of finding extra cash (let alone time) for something like coaching at that point can sometimes feel impossible, & yet it's often when we actually need coaching the most!

Working with a coach allows you to step back from the day-to-day & look at the big picture, to get some support to be at your best & a 2nd opinion on your current challenges & dilemmas. It will help you look at finances & improve sales & profits to quickly provide a return on investment, and it will allow you the space to tackle some of the bottlenecks & free up extra time. It can provide a much needed boost to motivation & allow you to reconnect with your business. 

If you doubt the value of coaching, just look at EVERY sportsman at the top of their game. They all work with (often several) coaches to ensure they reach & stay at the top of their field. This is also true for actors, politicians, CEO's & entrepreneurs. I challenge you to find someone at the top of their field who hasn't worked with a coach during their career to help them get there.

Coaching is NOT for struggling businesses. Coaching is for successful businesses.

Who is The 90 for?

The 90 is designed to make coaching accessible to everyone, That being said it's really perfect for younger businesses, start-ups & those that have been trading for anything up for a few years & who are really looking to grow & develop over the next 3-12 months.

This programme was designed for sole directors/owner-managers of small businesses. It's ideal for service based, B2B businesses, such as creatives (graphic designers, videographers, photographers), consultants (HR, branding) & support services (accountants, book keepers, virtual assistants, web designers & online marketers).

It's also great for women who're coming back to their business after maternity leave & for anyone who's thought about business coaching in the past but was maybe unsure of what it really was, how it works & would like an easy way to give it a try & see what it's all about.




 It's probably not right for businesses that are very well established, have a team of staff in place & are turning over in excess of £100k. It's also not ideal for those running their business in partnerships or with multiple directors The reason for this is that your business is likely to be facing more complex challenges which often require a higher level of support, & therefore you'd likely benefit from a more bespoke coaching package. If this sounds like you Click Here to send me a message & we'll arrange a time for a free coaching consultation to discuss your options. 

How does it work?

The 90 is run on 2 specific dates each month at the St Pierre Hotel in Chepstow. The next available dates to join are Tues 29th January and Thursday 31st January.


To participate you must be able to travel to Chepstow for your 90 minute 1:1 coaching session. If you are unable to travel to Chepstow, you have the option of working via Skype. If neither of these options suits you I'm afraid we'll need to discuss a more bespoke package to suit your needs.  

Membership is by application only. If you would like to join CLICK HERE to complete your application form. I, or a member of my team, will get back to you in the next 48 hours to let you know if your application's been successful & get you booked in for your first session. 

We will meet once a month for 3 consecutive months for a 1:1 coaching session. You will be given a choice of 2 dates for each month and at the end of each session we'll book you in for the following month.

In between each session I will ask you to check in with me via email to let me know how your actions and goals are progressing, and should you have any urgent questions or challenges between sessions you have access to me via email (with a fair use policy). 

The cost is JUST £297 for 90 days of coaching! You can pay upfront when your application is accepted, or choose to spread the cost in 3 easy payments of just £99!

Places are limited for this programme. There are only 2 dates each month available, and once they are full they are full. We will have a waiting list which you can join and we will notify you when the next place becomes available. 

At the end of the programme we will discuss whether we wish to continue working together and if so, what the appropriate package will be to continue with. 

Coaching is NOT for struggling businesses. Coaching is for successful businesses.