"Before I met Kayleigh I had almost burnt out - I was chasing every lead and working stupidly long hours, she was the breath of fresh air my business needed. Since working together it's revolutionised how I run my business, I have a structure to my working week, am much more confident as a designer and in the value I bring to a business, and this has also helped boost my creativity. We're now focussing on identifying my ideal client and I'm already attracting more business from that area. Over the last 12 months I have more than doubled my business!

I can't recommend Kayleigh highly enough for everything she's done in such a short amount of time, if anyone's struggling to get their busines to that next level working with Kayleigh is really a no-brainer!"

 - Greg Dodimead, Blackgate Design

"Kayleigh is a truly invaluable asset to my business - and has changed my approach to business.  Her wealth of knowledge, experience, and a genuine desire to help has enabled me to focus on developing my business whilst deploying useful strategies to field any curve balls along the way.  She is an excellent communicator and she places just as much value on listening as she does speaking.  Our coaching sessions never fail to leave me feeling positive and inspired.  Whatever challenges I face, Kayleigh has a strategy to help and her common-sense approach is both refreshing and familiar.  I just feel like she’s on my side, with no agenda other than to see my business grow. Over the past 12 months I've grown my business by over 50% and taken on a new team member."

 - Michelle Aldridge, BSupport Services

"Working with Kayleigh has been fantastic. I come out of our sessions feeling focussed and excited, and in the last 6 months I've brought in more than double the amount of business that I did in the first half of 2017! I'm looking forward to continuing the journey and seeing what 2018 brings."

- Hannah Falcon-Lang, Business Owner, Button Media

"After just 8 weeks of working with Kayleigh, I achieved my highest ever weekly sales figure, closing over £5,500 in business! My business has gone from strength to strength, I've grown my team and am feeling much more confident about achieving my goals."

- Fidel Beauhill, Director, Legally Secure

"Kayleigh really helped me get myself organised and my head out of the clouds! I really like her style of getting a work-life balance. Great advice for straightening life out. Thanks Kayleigh"

- Karen Lumsdale, Simply HR

"Really impressed by Kayleigh's coaching sessions. The advice, activities and group meetings have all been excellent. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her as both a business coach and marketing expert."

- Ali Walsh, The Local Bakehouse

"After 19 years of corporate life, I finally made the decision to go self-employed, I met Kayleigh several times during the first three months and she was inspirational in getting me started. She helped me set daily objectives to ensure I was being proactive whilst giving me accountability to make sure I did what we agreed. With her guidance, my goals became much clearer, particularly during the initial period where I was sowing the seeds, but not getting immediate results. Kayleigh kept in touch, didn’t allow me to become despondent, and importantly reassured me that I was doing the right thing and the results would come. I am now benefitting greatly from my early hard work and would highly recommend Kayeligh to anyone taking their first steps into the self employed world, or finding themselves a little stale and needing a new direction"

- Paul Gough, Mortgage Style

"Kayleigh is a great mentor and has really helped me in the start-up of a new business venture. She brought the benefit of her own entrepreneurial experience (knowledge that belies her years!) to guide me through and ensure I focussed on my goals"

- Greg Clemett, Creative Generation

"From our first meeting Kayleigh stood out as a genuinely creative soul, but she took the time to really understand the business, where it wants to be, and even my personal motivation. 
Kayleigh solves problems. She's not afraid of a challenge and has a wonderful, instinctive, talent for lateral thinking to find original, and sometimes quirky, solutions that constantly delight."

- Vipul Patel, CEO, Spaice

What My Clients Are Saying...