The Power Of Play

Just a short one today guys, as I'm about to head off on my holidays for a couple of weeks (eek excited!!) And I've been thinking as I've been planning & packing for this trip, about how excited I am to let go of the lists, let go of the structure and the routine, and just have some fun.

Play can be a powerful tool when it comes to performance, and as adults can often be something that we forget to make time for.

Play takes us out of our heads and into the present, it distracts our conscious thoughts and efforts, whilst freeing up our subconscious to start to go to work on some of those bigger, deeper problems or challenges we've been battling with, and it's often in the midst of doing something fun (or shortly after) that we'll suddenly find a great new idea or solution will pop into our heads, as if from nowhere.

Play is also fun - it allows us to let go, to be present, and (hopefully) to laugh, all of which will do wonders for your health and wellbeing, bringing stress levels down and boosting your endorphins.

It's good practice to be a little silly once in a while, to let your hair down and just have a bit of fun, whatever that means for you - whether that's building sandcastles on the beach, kicking a ball around in the park with some friends, or in our case a bit of white water rafting and some wine tasting (not on the same day I hasten to add!).

So if you feel like it's been a while since you last gave yourself some time just to have fun, see you if you can carve out a few hours over the next week or so - it'll pay for itself in increased productivity & motivation several times over anyway, so why wouldn't you?!

See you all in a couple of weeks, enjoy the rest of the Summer

Speak soon


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