What's The BIG Idea???

Relatively few people set out in business with the intention of changing the world. We start businesses because we love what we do, because we’re probably (hopefully) great at what we do, because we want a different lifestyle, a different level of fulfilment, or a different level of income. And all of these are good reasons to start a business, but all of these reasons are about you, which means they’re probably not going to engage your ideal clients particularly well when you talk about them.

But alongside all of the above reasons, I’ll bet there’s also a bigger purpose, a bigger idea that’s motivating you to do not only what you do, but also how you deliver that to your customers. This is your BIG Idea. The deeper reason behind why we do what we do.

The reality is that I love what I do, working as a coach for business owners gives me a great lifestyle with loads of flexibility and freedom and this is a HUGE part of why I do what I do. From a personal perspective it’s a great business – I’m good at it, I love it and it gives me the freedom to create the lifestyle I want.

BUT beyond that, beyond those personal motivators, there’s also a bigger concept, an extrinsic motivator that defines why I really do exactly what I do – why I choose to work with the specific clients that I do, why I choose to focus on certain areas, and why I deliver my service in the way that I do. And that’s the real purpose behind my business – that’s the BIG Idea.

For many business owners, especially smaller business owners who are doing something because they’re great at it, it can be really hard to define what your BIG Idea is. But it’s so important to make time to do so, because this is what really defines your business. It’s this BIG Idea, this purpose, that drives your branding, your values, your marketing and communications and your customer experience. It is the heart of your business. It’s the passion behind your business that your clients will connect with.

I’m a big fan of a certain YouTube channel – Yoga with Adrienne, and someone asked me earlier this week what it was about her/this channel that I really liked, and the first words out of my mouth were “her values”. Adrienne did not invent yoga, she’s not using moves that can’t be found elsewhere, she’s not delivering a unique service or concept, but how she delivers it – what she talks about, the way she encourages you to approach your practice, the pace she moves at, the areas she focuses in on, that’s the bit that I really love about her videos, and that’s about her passion, her values and her beliefs. By simply communicating them clearly in everything she does, she’s built a community of tens of thousands of followers, who all connect and resonate with those values and her BIG Idea.

So what’s your BIG Idea? Why is it that you really do what you do? Or why is it that you do what you do, how you do it? Or for the people that you do?

Once you’ve defined your BIG Idea, it’ll make communicating to your clients so much easier - suddenly you have a central theme, a purpose to talk about, and around, and you can even start to bring in other people to give their take on it as well. It’ll help you attract the right team members as you grow, and it’ll help your ideal clients to identify and connect with you.

For me, my journey has been about witnessing and experiencing first-hand the stress and discomfort that comes from getting trapped in running a small business. I learnt my lessons the hard way, and I am truly passionate about helping my clients avoid those pitfalls and shortcut straight to developing a great business (whatever that looks like for them personally) and feeling confident in who they are as business owners.

My BIG Idea is to empower my clients to play to their strengths, trust their instincts, let go of the “shoulds” and create the business that is truly right for them. All lessons I took a really long time to learn! But ultimately that’s my passion, that’s what I spend my days studying, those are the lessons I’m still learning & building on, and that’s why I do what I do.

If you know what your BIG Idea is already, or you’ve taken some time after reading this to get clear on it, I’d love to hear what yours is, so leave me a comment or send me a private message.

Speak soon


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