Protecting Your Mindset - Learn to say NO!

So lately I’ve been testing some new marketing strategies, which has meant I’ve been spending an increased amount of time on social media. Unfortunately, I’m not naturally a “social media” person, it doesn’t really click for me, and to be brutally honest if I wasn’t in business, (other than Instagram which I genuinely quite enjoy) I would have deleted my accounts a long time ago and never looked back.

The problem I find with social media personally, is that my timelines and homepages seem to be filled with an endless stream of well-meaning advice – content marketing pieces such as “5 top tips for this….”, “10 things you MUST do if you want to achieve this…”, “how to avoid making this mistake…” mixed in with a range of quotations and platitudes; “be this”, “do this”, “feel this”

And after even just a few minutes skimming through I feel utterly exhausted! I feel like someone (or in fact a rather large crowd of people) that I didn’t ask for advice, have just barked a load of orders at me, about how I “should” feel, what I “should” be doing, how I “should” be growing my business and where I “should” be spending my time.

The problem with this for me personally is 3-fold:

1st. I HATE being told what to do! There is a reason I chose to become self-employed at the age of 17.

2nd I am by nature a perfectionist, and the perfectionist side of me will instantly absorb these opinions and well-meant advice, make a mental note and add it to the “to do” list. This means that I can come away from a 15min social media session with several dozen additional “to do’s” added to my mental list, leaving me feeling drained and overwhelmed.

3rd These are all just other peoples’ opinions. I don’t doubt that the ideas, strategies and suggestions in each of these posts are genuinely the right ones for the authors, and for their “tribe” that they’re trying to reach out to. I myself produce a lot of articles and videos with tools and strategies that I’ve found helpful and that have worked for my clients. But we’re all individuals, we all have different businesses, different personalities and unique strengths and weaknesses. So what might work phenomenally well for the author, might in fact be a total waste of time for the reader.

So what’s my point?........

I’m certainly not suggesting that you never spend time on social media. And I’m also not suggesting that your news feed can’t be a fantastic resource of genuinely helpful content.

I am however suggesting that, for those of you who, like me, don’t particularly enjoy social media, who don’t come off it feeling great and raring to go, you check in every now and again with why you’re on there. Is it producing real results for your business or do you just feel you “should” be doing it? Ensure that the gains you’re making from it, far outweigh the potential downsides of the “mental slump” it can induce.

Your mindset will probably be the single biggest determining factor in how quickly you achieve your goals. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed or de-motivated, you’re not going to be performing at your best, so if you know social media (or any other marketing strategy/environment/person for that matter) makes you feel that way, maybe look at how you can step back from the situation, how you can limit the time you have to spend there, and look carefully at where you’re scheduling that activity in your day to minimise the impact it has (ie. Probably try and avoid making it the first thing you start your day with!)

Maybe even make the decision that it’s time to cut it out altogether, if that’s what feels right for you. The great thing about business is there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do it, there are hundreds of different marketing strategies out there, which means there is literally something to suit every personality type and every business. Your job is just to find which ones suit you best, and to get comfortable saying no to the rest!

Speak soon


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