How To Build Powerful Momentum By Getting Into Action

There’s no doubt about it, getting started with any new project or goal is undoubtedly the hardest part. Getting that wheel turning in the first place, takes significantly more energy than it does to keep it spinning once it’s got some momentum.

And often this can leave us feeling daunted before we’ve even started, and paralyse us into inaction (think rabbit in the headlights!)

But the reality is that if you’re looking to get started and build momentum, one of the best things you can do is to just start taking action. However small it might seem, just get out there, do something….do anything! Just. Start. Taking. Action.

Because action creates momentum.

However small the initial actions may be, they create ripples. Taking action helps to dissolve your fears and build your self-confidence and belief. Once you start taking action, you’ve broken through that initial barrier, after that the step from taking a small action to taking a medium action is significantly easier.

This is why breaking your goals down into clear, specific action plans with small, daily action steps is key to helping you achieving your goals – each one of those steps builds momentum, and before you know it your goal’s clearly in sight and you’re hurtling towards it at full speed.

So if you’re looking to build some momentum towards your goals, pick an action, any action, just 1, and commit to making that happen.

And if you’d like some support to start moving towards your goals quicker click here to book in for your FREE COACHING CONSULTATION.

Speak soon

Kayleigh Alexandra

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