Are You Giving Yourself Enough Carrots?

Yep you read that right, it’s not a typo!

One of the things I often find myself discussing with clients, is the concept of carrots and sticks; A carrot being an incentive/reward to inspire you to move towards something you want, and a stick being a motivator to move away from something you don’t want.

Broadly speaking, people tend to have a natural bias towards one of these. Personally I’m a real stick person, I am much more motivated by avoiding what I don’t want, than I am just by what I do want. However, one of my best friends is completely the opposite, and is much more motivated when she’s moving towards something she wants, than she is by avoiding/preventing something she doesn’t want.

There are many areas in life where knowing which of these camps you're more likely to fall into can really help in understanding how to best move yourself towards your goals. Personally, whilst I love to goal set and plan ahead, that alone won't be enough to motivate me to take action towards something. Whilst the first step is important (the goal setting's the fun bit!) I know that I also need to build in another layer, I need to create some discomfort/pain/accountability to make myself commit to moving forwards towards that goal - whilst the "carrot" is great, I also need a "stick" to move away from.

In my experience the majority of people are more motivated by “sticks” than they are by “carrots”, which is why the accountability part of coaching is so crucial, as it motivates clients to push themselves harder than they would for themselves.

But if you do have a bias towards “sticks” you can also be a bit quick to overlook the “carrots”, which means that after all of our hard work and taking action, we often forget to take the time to reward ourselves. Just because our motivation may be wired slightly differently, doesn’t mean we deserve our carrot any less!

So make sure that as well as setting yourself enough sticks, you’re also offering yourself enough carrots, because whilst sticks will keep you moving forward in the short-term, it’s the carrots that will keep your motivation and enthusiasm high over the long-term.

Happy munching 😊

Kayleigh Alexandra

P.S. If you’re realising you’re a stick person and you might benefit from some extra support and accountability, then CLICK HERE TO BOOK IN FOR YOUR FREE COACHING CALL.

P.P.S. If you’re realising you’re a carrot person and you’d like some help breaking those big goals down into a clear, simple action plan then you can also CLICK HERE TO BOOK IN FOR YOUR FREE COACHING CALL

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