The Power Of Creativity

Would you consider yourself to be a creative person?

Maybe that’s an easy answer for you, maybe you’re in a creative profession, maybe art is a passionate hobby of yours, maybe you spend your weekends crafting and knitting and making things for friends and family.

Or maybe your gut reaction to that question was a quick no! Maybe (like me) your attempts at sketching end abruptly at the stick man!

But the reality is that we are all creative. We are all responsible for creating and shaping our own lives on a daily basis – the home we live in, the lifestyle we lead, the relationships we build, these are all creations albeit sometimes intangible ones. And in my opinion, as business owners, we are one of the most creative groups, as we literally create a business around us often starting from nothing.

And what I love about this realisation, is that if we’ve created our current reality, and our current business, then we are equally entirely in control of creating our ideal lifestyle and our ideal business.

Often we start our businesses with the best of intentions and a vision of what we want to achieve as a lifestyle. And then as the business grows, new opportunities present themselves and the wheels of momentum start driving things forward at an ever increasing rate, we can find ourselves getting caught up in the day-to-day, dragged along with the demands, and losing sight of why we created this business in the first place.

And when that happens, on those days when you feel totally overwhelmed, it can be really empowering to remind yourself that you created this. You are in charge. And you can create your ideal lifestyle and your ideal business too. Embracing your creativity puts you right back in control.

So get creative, what kind of lifestyle do you want to be living? What business do you want to create?

And if you want some support to help you create that ideal lifestyle and ideal business quicker, then book in for a free coaching session with me now. Just click here to book.

Speak soon

Kayleigh Alexandra

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