The Joy Of Stripping Wallpaper!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about lifestyle. Just before Christmas my partner and I bought our first house together, and it’s quite the renovation project. The past few weeks I have spent a considerable chunk of my time ripping up carpets, stripping wallpaper and covered in plaster dust.

And what I LOVE about being a business owner, is that rather than trying to squeeze this in around an inflexible full time job, and ending up exhausted from working late into the evenings and feeling like it’s a chore, I’ve been able to free up time several days each week to focus on the house and really enjoy this process.

When I was planning for 2018, the first thing I did was get clear on my lifestyle and personal goals – the main one for 2018 and Q1 being to create our new home. Once these are in place, I can then see how much energy will be left and set appropriate work goals.

I believe in a “work to live” ethos, and this top-down approach to planning helps ensure that my core priorities (my family, my home, my health) are all comfortably accounted for, rather than being squeezed in around an over-ambitious work schedule.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the story of the rocks, the pebbles, the sand and the glass jar. In case you haven’t, the gist is as follows:

If you want to fill the jar with as many rocks, pebbles and sand as possible you first need to start with the rocks. You can then add the pebbles which will fall into the gaps between the rocks, and finally you can add the sand which will fall into all the gaps until your jar is full.

If however you start by adding the sand, you’ll quickly fill the jar and suddenly realise you’ve left no room for the pebbles and rocks.

This story is a great metaphor – the jar is your life, the rocks are your big goals (that’s why each quarter I sit with my clients and we set a small number of “rocks” for the next 12 weeks), the pebbles are your interim goals and actions, and the sand is those small tasks that need to happen and be kept on top of, but which don’t particularly move you forward towards your goals.

Often our rocks will be a mixture of personal and business goals, and getting clear on these at the start of each quarter will enable you to prioritise your time, focus and energy accordingly, and to make sure you’re setting yourself up for the lifestyle you want to be living, alongside the business success you want to achieve.

So, if you haven’t already defined the lifestyle you want to be living during this first quarter, I encourage you to give it some thought and make sure you’re using a top-down approach to your planning to live your lifestyle AND achieve your business goals.

As ever, if you’d like some help and support to grow your business in a way that supports your ideal lifestyle, click here to book in for a free intro coaching session.

Have a great week

Kayleigh Alexandra

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