5 Ways To Keep On Keeping On During the Holiday Season

So December is officially upon us, and the countdown begins. And as the pressures of shopping, wrapping, cooking and social engagements involving alcohol and late nights creep in, our performance at work can start to dip. So here are my 5 top tips to help maintain your high performance during holiday season

1. Keep drinking plenty of water. It sounds simple but staying hydrated will help you to think clearer and stay productive, as well as flushing out those alcohol toxins quicker and reducing any potential hangovers. So make a resolution to yourself to keep drinking your 8 glasses each and every day, whatever else might be going on

2. Take a pause. The added pressures of this time of year, can put a strain on your time and lead to getting less sleep than normal. Help to keep those stress levels in check by carving out just 5-10 minutes for yourself each and every day to take a quick pause and sit quietly by yourself. It’ll help you to de-stress, refocus, and recharge your energy levels. If you’re feeling especially stressed you may want to try and do this a couple of times a day, or try doing a simple breathing exercise at the same time. Sounds simple, but just 5 minutes a day, really can make a difference.

3. Keep exercising – even if it’s just a walk. Again, as extra demands creep in, time for exercise can be one of the things we’re first to let go of, but try not to let that be the case. Exercise is a great way to boost your performance and productivity, those endorphins will help keep your stress levels in check, and it’ll give you a mental boost to keep performing at your peak in ALL areas. Even if it’s just a 20min walk round the block during your lunchbreak, try to find a little time to do something.

4. Plan! With more demands on your time, it’s more important than ever to make a clear plan of what you want to achieve each day. Having a daily action list can help keep you focussed and, as long as you remember to make it realistic, will help reduce overwhelm. Once you’ve made your daily action list, identify the 3 most important tasks for your day, and start by tackling them first. Set yourself a time by which you want to have accomplished those 3 tasks and make sure you stick to it.

5. Remember to focus! When we’re feeling stressed with extra long to-do lists crowding in, we often find ourselves reverting to multi-tasking in an attempt to get it all done. In reality all this does is increase our stress, make us less productive and increase our feelings of overwhelm. So STOP. BREATHE. AND FOCUS. Pick THE single most important task that needs to be done, and tackle that. Just that. When it’s completed, move on to the next task and tackle that. Again sounds simple, but you’d be amazed how often we forget to do this, and it’s a fundamental way to get more done in less time!

So hopefully, one (or five) of those will resonate with you and help you to stay on track for achieving your goals this December.

If you’re looking to create your ideal business in 2018, looking to boost your income, take more holidays and get your work-life balance back on track, book in for a free coaching session with me here.

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