What did you last do JUST for fun?


I LOVE this time of year! And whilst I’m not one for scary movies or being frightened, I do love Halloween. I love the childish element to dressing up, putting on crazy make-up, and going all out with creepy decorations, carving pumpkins and cooking Halloween-themed foods (think stuffed peppers carved to look like pumpkins, and pies with creepy faces carved into the pastry). And whilst I realise that not everybody embraces Halloween in the way I do, for me it’s an annual reminder of the importance of fun and creativity.

Something I often talk about with my clients is the importance of something called active rest. These are activities that completely engage and absorb you, and that you do purely for fun, because you love to do them. These activities are incredibly restful and recharging for us mentally, often giving us a real boost in mood and performance.

In brief, one of the key ways to look for activities that may constitute active rest for you, is to look at what you did as a kid for fun. When you think back to the age of 7 or so, what did you love to do with your free time? That’s usually a pretty good indicator or starting place for finding some active rest activities.

For me Halloween (and Christmas, and the occasional themed birthday party) offer an opportunity to tap into my inner-kid again, and let my imagination and creativity run loose for a while. It’s a little bit silly, but it’s fun, and it always gives me an energy boost and leaves me feeling recharged.

So if you’re not already regularly scheduling time for whatever constitutes active rest for you, I challenge you to put some time in the diary over the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, Happy Halloween!

Speak to you soon

Kayleigh Alexandra

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