What's Your A-List?

For most of us this final quarter of the year can be an exceptionally busy one. We push ourselves to hit those work goals we set all the way back in January (and in some cases haven’t look at since!) whilst balancing a busy social period with events like Halloween, bonfire night and Xmas placing extra demands of shopping, decorations, cooking + outfits, all whilst fending off coughs and colds as flu season kicks in. There’s no doubt about it, Q4 can be a tough one (no wonder we’re all exhausted by January!!)

So now, more than ever, I wanted to give a little reminder about the importance of prioritising where you’re spending your time, to ensure you’re making the biggest impact with the time and energy you have available.

Taking just a few minutes at the beginning of each day to categorise each of the tasks on your “to-do” list can have a massive impact on the speed at which you progress towards your goals.

I like to use a simple ABC system to categorise mine, or you could use a colour code if you prefer ie. red, amber, yellow.

You’re A-list, are your high value tasks – the ones that can only be done by you, and have a massive impact on your business and your goals.

The majority of tasks on your list are probably B-List – great to get done if you’ve got the time available, important but not critical and not urgent.

And finally you’ve got your C-List – the really unimportant tasks. These are usually the the first ones we reach for when we’re feeling tired and under-pressure and just want to feel like we’re doing something rather than focusing on being truly productive. These are the tasks that if we’re being brutally honest can wait – they’re not urgent or important, and they don’t really move us closer to our goals.

Taking just a couple of minutes at the beginning of the day to prioritise your tasks, and then committing to tackling your A-list first, moving on to your B-list if you have time leftover, will ensure that you’re spending your time on the tasks that are most likely to help you achieve your goals, and will have the biggest impact on your business.

Give it a try and see how much faster you start to progress forward (and how rarely you get to those C-list tasks!)

Happy planning 😊


P.S. If you’ve got big goals you want to achieve this quarter and you’d like some support to help achieve them quicker and easier then book in your free coaching call with me here.

(Please answer as many of the questions on the form as possible as it helps us get the most from your call).

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