Where's Your Focus?

Photo taken by LiAnna Davis

When I’m speaking to business groups there’s a story I often use about crossing a 2x4 plank of wood to highlight the importance of motivation. However, I recently heard someone tell a variation on this story to equally highlight the importance of focus.

If we were in a room with 100 people and I put a 2x4 plank of wood on the floor and told everyone to walk across it, chances are that almost everybody would make it across easily without falling off, because their focus would be on crossing the plank. If I then took that plank and placed it 10 stories high between 2 high-rise buildings and asked the same people to walk across it, chances are only a few people would make it across, because their focus would be on not falling, their fear of falling, the consequences of falling, how high up they were etc etc. In other words their focus would be on many different things outside of “crossing the plank” which would distract them from their goal and likely cause them to fail.

This is true in many situations in life, it’s why having a clear vision for your business and your lifestyle is so important. Setting clear, specific goals gives you something to really zero in on and helps you to focus.

It’s important however, to recognise that setting the goal is just the first step. Once you’ve got your goal, you then need to consciously focus in on it – to start to “tunnel-vision” towards it and blinker everything else out. It’s natural as humans to worry, and often we get distracted by our fears – “What happens if I fail?” “What if I don’t achieve it?” “I need this client because I need to pay my bills, if I don’t get them how will I pay my bills” etc etc and instead of solely focusing in on our goal, we start to focus in on those fears.

The reality is that for most business owners all we ever really need to focus on is acquiring our next client. We may have set ourselves a goal to get 10 or 100 or 1000 this quarter, but we’re probably only going to get them 1 client at a time. So let go of worrying about that bigger goal, let go of what will happen if you don’t hit your target, and instead try to just focus in on the next client who’s sat in front of you. Be present, give them your full attention, deliver a great customer experience and trust that by doing that you’ll significantly increase your chances of achieving that goal by the end of the year and accelerate your progress towards it.

Happy focusing 😊


P.S. If you’re looking to step things up a level and achieve bigger goals and a better lifestyle then let’s chat – book in a free call with me here.

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