Slow Down For The Final Countdown

So it’s here – the final countdown for 2017. We’re into the home stretch, and hopefully you’re looking to finish strong and you’re on track to achieve those goals you set for yourself all the way back in January.

If you’re anything like me 2017 feels like it’s flown by, and although this is always my favourite time of year, I still can’t quite believe we’re into October quite so soon!

And normally, part of why I love this time of year is because for me September has a “new beginning” feel to it – I think it goes back to all those years of starting a new school year, but it’s also my birthday, and KayleighAlexandra Ltd also just had it’s 3rd birthday, so for us September really is the start of the next new phase, which is always exciting.

However this year has been a little bit different. As many of you will already know, 4 years ago I burnt out with Post Viral Fatigue after a bout of glandular fever, which forced me to take 6 months off work completely and it was that experience that got me into High Performance coaching as I looked for ways I could achieve the same results with significantly less time and energy. And whilst I’m pleased to say I’ve been back to full health for a long time now, that experience has taught me to be mindful of my energy levels, to listen to my body, and to prioritise my health and wellbeing.

September for me is usually a busy time, new clients often feel motivated themselves to seek out a coach to help them achieve their goals faster, and I always feel an excitement and enthusiasm, that combines neatly with the planning week for Q4 as I set my goals for the next quarter and then dive headfirst into my action plans.

However, this year I’ve taken things a bit slower, over the past few weeks I’ve attended a coaching summit in LA (virtually – got to love the internet!) and the keynote speaker who is someone I’ve admired and followed for a long time now sent a follow-up email the next week asking “How can you slow down….to speed up?” It reminded me of something I often coach clients around – the importance of narrowing your focus, of letting go of “everything” and focusing your energy in on the “one thing” that’s going to drive you towards your goals fastest.

So I went back and refocused my goals for this final quarter of 2017. I realised that my energy levels had been dipping again over the past month (not helped by attending a summit with an 8hr time difference leaving me a tad” jet-lagged” by the time it was over!) so I went back to the goals I’d set and cut the bottom 2 least important ones (the “nice to have” rather than the “essential”). I looked at my action plans and created some extra time each day to rest and recharge, to get myself back up to full speed, and I’ve focussed all of my energies in on just my 1 top goal.

2 weeks later and I’m really feeling the benefits. I feel freer, more motivated and more energised just from that one small shift in my plans.

So if you’re just making your plans for this final stretch of 2017, I extend the same question to you…

How can you slow down….to achieve your goals quicker and easier this quarter?

Perhaps you’ve already done your planning for the quarter, and maybe this is an opportunity to just check in with how you’re feeling – are you feeling energised, motivated, clear and focussed, or are you feeling drained and overwhelmed before you’ve even begun? If it’s the latter I suggest you go back to your plans and find something (or several things) to let go of. Ask yourself, “Would I want to achieve this, if it came at the expense of achieving my no1 goal?” If the answer’s no, then drop it, when you’ve achieved your no1 goal in record time, you’ll be able to come back to that smaller one and get that done too.

Here’s to a great Q4 and an exciting finish to 2017

See you soon


P.S. If you’re looking committed to achieving you’re “no1 goal” before the end of the year, book in a free call with me here to see how I can help you achieve that quicker and easier.

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