5 Top Tips To Grow Your Business Fast

5 Top Tips To Grow Your Business Fast

Are you looking to grow your business quickly for the final stretch of 2017?

If you’re like many business owners, you set yourself some great goals back in January of what you were going to achieve with your business this year…..

…..And then you forgot about them! And now it’s September and suddenly that deadline’s looming.

So what can you do to grow your business quickly in this last quarter and hit those targets you set yourself?

Well, here are some of my top tips for “quick wins”…..

1. Ask ALL of your clients who else they know that might be looking for your services. That’s current clients, past clients and even prospective clients. Such a simple strategy but it can deliver great results fast.

2. Go back to everyone who enquired with you over the past 12 months but didn’t convert into a paying client to see if their needs have now changed or if they’re now ready to make a buying decision. Many of us don’t follow up with our prospects often enough. Just because they said no to you earlier in the year didn’t mean they never wanted to buy from you, it just means they weren’t ready then, or they still had objections you hadn’t overcome. Don’t be afraid to go back and have another conversation, maybe their circumstances have now changed and they’re ready to go ahead, or maybe another conversation will clear up any lingering reservations they had. If they still have a problem/need that you can solve with your product/service, you’re doing them a service in following up. And if it’s still a no, that’s ok too, you might get some helpful feedback to help you close more future sales, or they might just not be the right client for you. Either way there’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

3. Get in touch with your current clients to have a conversation about what else they might need that you could help them with. Whether that’s other services that you provide, or simply referring them on to someone else who could pay you a commission for the referral. If they have a problem that needs solving, again you’re doing them a service by taking the time to offer a potential solution.

4. Consider who already has your target clients and get in touch about promoting your service to their client base. There are a number of ways you could structure this – paying a referral fee for any sales that are generated, paying a fixed fee to put you in front of their client base, a mutual referral relationship, or running a joint venture event/programme. Just one conversation with a key partner to establish a relationship could lead to a stream of new leads into your business for no additional marketing.

5. Double your efforts on the marketing you know works. Many of us get caught up in trying to manage dozens of different marketing strategies, and whilst continually testing new marketing strategies is absolutely essential to running a business, it’s also important to take a quick step back every now and then and analyse the results each strategy is generating. Rather than rushing out to test 5 new marketing strategies in a bid to generate new clients, look at what you’re already doing that’s working, what’s already producing you new clients, and then double your efforts in that area. Double the effort should equal double the amount of new clients (or at least a significant increase), so if you’re looking for a quick-win, go for what you already know works and just do more of it!

And those are my 5 top tips if you’re looking to grow your business fast in this final quarter of 2017. If you’d like some help to grow your business quickly then book in a free call with me here to see how I can help you achieve your goals quicker and easier.

Speak to you soon

Kayleigh Alexandra

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