Who's in Charge???

Today I just wanted to have a little chat with you about why it's important that you're leading your client relationships.

For many business owners this can be a difficult skill to master, often when we first start our businesses we're still finding our confidence, and we just want any client so that we can pay our bills and live to trade another day!

But once you're out of that initial start-up phase, it's really important that you start to take control of your client relationships and here's why.....

1. A key part of growing your business involves getting clear on who you want to work with (who your ideal clients are), and how you want to work - what the best process is for your business to deliver maximum value to your clients whilst maximising profits. Once you're clear on this, it's then your responsibility to make sure that you guide your clients down this optimum pathway so that they get the best results. Not only are you doing the best thing for your business, you're also making sure that your clients get a consistent, exceptional, customer experience.

2. Being clear about your terms of business displays confidence to your prospective clients. If you can clearly explain to someone how you work, what you'll need from them and what the first steps are going to be, it shows that you're experienced in delivering this product/service and that you know what you're doing, and that inspires confidence in your prospective clients making them more likely to buy.

3. They'll thank you for it! The reason your clients are coming to you is usually because they don't know how to do the thing that you're doing. They're relying on you to take the lead and guide them through this process, they're paying you for your expertise in this area. Make it clear and simple, tell them what you expect and what you need from them at each stage and they'll enjoy the process of working with you much more than if you leave them struggling to take the lead in a process they don't really understand.

4. Being clear and confident in what you expect from your clients and how you work with them will position you as an expert and allow you to charge what you're worth, rather than trying to compete on price with your competitors who are less prepared.


5. Being firm about your terms of business and what you expect from your clients will equally "put off" those difficult clients who were hoping to get a bespoke service at bargain prices. It's not that you won't still convert some of them into paying clients, but you'll now be managing their expectations of what they'll get for their money, so you'll be taking control of the situation from the start and significantly reducing the drain on your customer service time!

So, if you don't feel like you're currently taking control of your client relationships, have a think about your client processes and how you can communicate those clearer to help grow your business.

Speak to you soon

Kayleigh Alexandra

P.S. if you're ready to significantly grow your business, boost your confidence as a business owner and take back control of your work-life balance then Click here to book a call with me now.

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