How was 2015 for you???

So, if like me you're staring down your last half day in the office of 2015, just before you go rushing off to enjoy a few Christmas cocktails, take a few minutes to ask yourself, "How was 2015 for me?"

For me the end of the year always feels like a natural time to step back and take stock of all that's happened over the past 12 months, to take a final look at my business plan for 2015 and see how I did compared with what I was hoping to achieve. I like to finish the year off by looking back and asking myself honestly "How did I do?" Did I end up where I hoped I would? Where did I fall short of my aims? and where did I exceed them? And most importantly, what do I want to repeat/do differently for my business in 2016 to improve my results?

Taking half an hour or so at the end of the year is a really nice way to end on a high and celebrate the progress you've made over the past 12 months, it's important to take time to notice the hard work you've put in and it also helps to take note of what worked and what didn't when it comes to planning for 2016 - whether that's over the Xmas break or in early January, these are things you'll then be able to incorporate when writing/updating your business plan for 2016 to make sure you achieve even more next year.

So, just before you shut that computer down for a well-earned break, take a few minutes to review the last year, how well you've done and how far you've come.

And then go grab that cocktail and enjoy a few days off ;)

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