Clearing the Fog

Whenever I find I'm stalling or procrastinating on a project I take a step back to see what's causing that behaviour and more often than not realise that this delay and reluctance to take action is actually coming from a lack of clarity about something - maybe I'm not 100% clear off the top of my head WHO I need to talk to or ask for help with something, maybe I need to write an article but I'm unsure WHAT exactly needs to go into it, or maybe the task on my list is actually a project (a series of actions) rather than a single action and I'm not completely clear and confident on HOW to complete the project - what the individual steps need to be. Whatever it is, this lack of clarity is one of the biggest causes of delay and procrastination within many businesses.

Fortunately for many of the stalling points all it took was for me to realise that's why I was procrastinating on taking action and to squeeze in "coffee time" to my busy day to give myself the clear mental space to sit and think about the project/action and exactly how I was going to complete it. Often taking this time out feels counter-intuitive, especially when you're moving at 100mph and often working towards deadlines, but that 15minute coffee today will probably mean the action actually gets completed today/tomorrow, skip the coffee time and you could still be procrastinating on that task in a couple of weeks! For other things that might not quite be enough, sometimes you just really need to talk things through with someone, to look at different options or get a 2nd opinion - this is where a mentor or coach comes in really handy and can have a big impact on the speed with which you move forward. Or even just a "business buddy" can help here if you're business isn't yet in a position to afford a mentor or coach.

And finally I put a HUGE emphasis in my own business and with my clients on planning upfront as a preventative measure to ensure we don't encounter "fog delays". I set regular time aside every year, quarter, month, week and day to plan my projects and actions and to get really clear on what actions need to be taken by when to achieve my goals, and I've developed a comprehensive diary system to ensure I stay on top of it and stick to it - it makes it really easy for me to feel confident about what I need to be doing each and every day.

So, if you're looking to achieve some big goals and grow your business in 2016, or are just feeling a bit "foggy" currently, then feel free to check out my 1/2 day workshop on Weds 13th January "Accelerate into 2016" where I'll be teaching my 5 steps to really Accelerate your business development in the New Year - 1 of which is of course planning, where I'll show you the exact planning model I use in my own business. You can also save £20 on the ticket price making it just £27 if you book via the link below!

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